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Pollution is one of humanity's most lethal habits. Although the consequences aren't instant, long term effects cause a lot of damage on Earth. Science claims we have only 10 years to change.

Oko is an application designed to undo our damage by promoting the clean up of litter. Everyone is encouraged to participate, whether it be picking up the trash or even exposing locations that are in need of clean up. 


Keep track of all your efforts in our mission with the progress bar.

There is power in numbers. Work with a group for large tasks.

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Invite friends to help tackle pollution.

Businesses are able to supply gift cards here for more incentive.

Post a mission with a picture and location so points can be rewarded.

Find missions around your area.

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Check out all your notifications and updates.

Find missions to earn points

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Pick up info on the mission

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Keep track of your activity

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Redeem your rewards

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Share missions with friends


Check your standings with others


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